Questions about accepting pre-orders on a webstore.

I have an idea for a product to sell. I have it designed, but I don't want to manufacture any bulk amount without knowing if it'll sell.

Is it possible to set up a web store, advertise the product, and accept pre-orders, to see if I can accumulate enough to justify the bulk order at all? And issue automatic refunds if I don't meet the target number of pre-orders?

Obviously I can't discuss the product, but it would be something that people would gift to family and friends over christmas, NOT before. If I asked customers to pay the full price of $5.00 as a pre-order with a promise of early December delivery, and then cancel everything due to lack of interest, am I on the hook for any refund fees? What service would be best to use? GoDaddy and PayPal? Direct Deposit E-Transfers to a business e-mail?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! If you have any clarifying questions I'll happily answer promptly!

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