Episerver vs. Bloomreach as DXPs

I'm comparing Episerver and Bloomreach Digital Experience Platforms for an upcoming project and am curious if anyone on here has any input. The project involves integration with a B2B ecommerce platform. So for Episerver that would be their new B2B commerce cloud, formerly Insite. And for Bloomreach, we'd either stick with an exiting commerce component or look at additional tools for that piece. But for the purposes of this post, I'm interested in hearing about people's experiences with these platforms regardless of the use case.

My general impression of Episerver:

  • Solid, robust platform with a good product direction
  • Perhaps the best option for strictly .NET shops
  • Lots of recent acquisitions (Idio, Insite, and now Optimizely) which will eventually provide benefits but may take up a lot of Episerver's time to integrate them over the coming months
  • Fairly new to headless architecture; may be less mature than Bloomreach

My general impression of Bloomreach:

  • I've heard it's been increasing in interest/usage recently (though that's not reflected in Google Trends)
  • Better ML/AI (one common engine shared across all components)
  • Embraces modern front-end frameworks (React/Angular/Vue), with back-end slowly transitioning from Java to Node/JS (?)
  • More mature headless architecture

Does any of this sound way off? Am I missing anything huge? Has anyone tried one of these platforms and loved it or hated it?

Note: Other DXPs/CMSs were evaluated, but for this post, I'm only interested in hearing about these two options.

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