Looking to start an eCommerce business.

Hello redditors,

I am currently pondering upon a domain I bought about a year and a half ago in which I was planning to dropship products to customers. After some research, I realized that, logistically, dropshipping wasn't going to work out when competing with 1-2 day shipping on Amazon, where you could find the same, or similar products to mine.

So here I am, a year later, with, in my opinion, a great domain for my niche, which is a fitness/sports apparel/accessories type of thing, and looking to make this work. I live in Los Angeles, so finding wholesalers, the products/apparel/accessories I need will not be a problem.

My question to you who have established this relationship is, what sort of contractual agreements need to be held established between the wholesaler and myself? Also, what would any of you take in mind if you were starting out in my shoes?

If any of you have any specific questions, feel free to pm me. I am happy to discuss more details about the store domain/idea privately with someone who has experience with this sort of thing.

I appreciate any input any of you may have,


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