Top Three Tips for a Great Customer Experience – and Other News

Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.

Industry News:

Focusing on Customer Experience Is a Winning Strategy During RecessionTimesofindia, 9.9.20

  • Focusing on a customer’s experience has long been recognized as a critical driver of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and increasing customer lifetime revenue.

Top Three Tips for a Great Customer Experience   – Forbes, 9.10.20

  • If a customer-centric culture is not established in your business, you leave it vulnerable to the wrath of irate customers and high levels of churn rate.

Understanding Customer Experience Design's Holistic Approach to CX Strategy Cmswire, 9.10.20

  • Understanding the complete customer journey is the most involved part of the CX design process, and takes time and effort to complete.


Oracle CX in the News:

In a Year of Data Disruption, Oracle Places Its Bets – Adexchanger, 9.9.20

  • Oracle has bought lots of stuff and all of them, according to EVP Rob Tarkoff are in use.


Oracle CX Social Content:

  • Our commitment to innovation and to bring top-notch #digitalcommerce solutions to our customers is stronger than ever! Download complimentary copy of the recent Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 2020 to learn all about it: #OracleCXCommerce
  • .@Razer and @BadgerDaylight come together with service industry leaders to discuss today's hottest topics during the free, 95-minute #OracleCXSummit:  #IntelligentService #OSvC
  • "Today's #CX leaders don't need to reinvent the wheel. They just need to find new ways to adapt it."- @ianfaison What does it take to build an experience tailored to your customer's needs? Find out in episode 2 of #OftenImitated #CXPodcast:
  • In the #ExperienceEconomy, the customer is the innovator, not the brand. Click here for details: #CX #OracleCXService
  • Think of your customers’ needs right now and create content to help them, says @mdeziel. Read more for #ContentMarketing tips you can use right now:



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