Decent number of views, very little sale.

Hello everyone, First time posting on Reddit, I apologize for any mistakes I make, in advance. I’m here with a problem, I think, at least, some of us could relate to.

We have an online dog accessories business, mainly dealing with bandanas, bowties, etc and looking forward to including a few more products soon. We are currently on Shopify with sales channels on Instagram, Facebook, Google (basically almost all the sales channels Shopify offers). And we are active on all those platforms. It’s been a month that we officially launched.

We have been advertising with Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We also have been part of giveaways, and have models who we are working with. With all that, our store views are at an average of 50 visitors a day and a maximum of 140 visitors per day.

However, the sale numbers are very low, with an average of 1.5% conversion rate and 50%+ in abandoned carts. And, looking at competitors, we seemfar behind. Even some of the ones that started after us seem to have better numbers.

Therefore, I wanted to ask what it is that we are missing or doing wrong. What could we work on to improve those numbers?

Thank you for reading all of it. I’d really appreciate any suggestion(s).

Here’s a link to our: Website: Instagram: @bubbles.choice

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