Paying for ads, have an Insta that we’re active on and have a little less than 200 followers, and we personally think our site is “good”. What’s our problem?

Hey everybody! So here's our [website]( and our [Instagram]( We have a little less than a couple hundred followers, our posts get good engagement, and we are active on it everyday with likes and comments and such. We've paid $90 for 5 different ads (three on Facebook and two on Instagram) reaching 10,112 people, receiving 874 post engagements, and resulting in 236 link clicks. We've had 354 visits to our website and not a single person has ever added to their cart. After removing any outliers of >10 minutes just so the data isn't skewed, the average time of visit on our site is 20 seconds.

We're open to any sort of critiques and suggestions! We're not at our wits end or anything here, we just feel like we've got some okay traffic thus far and were expecting *atleast* an "add to cart" by now!

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