Have been asked to create an ecommerce shop for a photographer…but I’m not a web designer. Throw me a life jacket and some advice?

So the short and thick of it is this…I'm the archivist for a photographer with a substantial back catalog of prints, books, exhibition objects, and digital work that can be turned into prints, and he'd like to start selling this work as a way to monetize his archive. Up until now sales have been done through galleries and by directly contacting the studio….so no one here has experience with setting up an online shop. Traffic and sales will not be huge, I expect he'll have maybe 100-200 items listed at any given time. Our basic vision here is something simple but customizable, user friendly (for admin and constantly updating with new content), fast, and can handle videos. My questions are: what other less obvious considerations should I be thinking about? What platforms would people recommend? (leaning to shopify at the moment), What would be the best way for me to crash-course the essentials and nail this. Also accepting prayers and inspirational thoughts….

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