Hello everyone, I’m about to start my third store, and a person I know told me you guys are great at reviewing stores so I’d love to hear your feedback

So my last two stores were failures pretty much, but I learned so much from them, and from the help of you guys, I started a new store, made it better, nicer, with a better product, and I'd like if you could try find any flaws in it

Just some notes before you go, if you're on desktop, make the window as narrow as possible as it is only optimizer for mobile at the minute, and this will make it look like how it's intended

I am currently working on product reviews, there will be more in future

Finally I have an Instagram account with alot of followers all ready that I'm going to turn into my page, the one you see is a place holder and I will have photos from customers out uo on it like healthish

You'll find the site here 🙂

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