I will design and build WooCommerce and/or Shopify Plugins for Free

My job has been impacted by Covid and i'm looking for ways to further my skills. I come from a UX/UI/Dev background with a large amount of experience in WordPress and WooCommerce. I have built a couple of plugins in the past and am eager to get experience making a few more.

While I probably won't be able to complete all requests I will try to tackle the most popular ones and will report here as they progress and become available for testing & download. For the ideas I choose to build, I will look to the community and the OP for ideas on plugin features and capabilities so that it will be useful to a broad audience. I will distribute the plugin for free to the OP and reddit community as a thank you. Thanks!

I created a google form to collect detailed responses that will help me. Feel free to post a comment here along with filling out the form.

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