Making $500/month on RedBubble. People asked me for a course, but now I don’t know how to sell it.

A while ago I made a post on r/passive_income asking if $500/month on RedBubble was a lot, and if I was doing good enough to make a course about it, and lots of people actually said that it is indeed quite a lot, and that they were interested in the course.

So, a few months later, I finally published my course on Udemy (after a troublesome experience on Skillshare) and put my course up for sales.

Now I have to sell the course, and I discovered it's not that easy, since I had around 100/200 people already interested in the course, but up to now only 1 person actually purchased it.
I spent months working at this project, doing all the recording, editing and voice-over, which I had never done before (and I think it shows), and now I have a product that I think has good content inside, but that I don't know how to market.

I don't want to make a YouTube channel to sponsor it, but I was thinking about a personal website or something like that. Any advice?

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