Time for a revamp

I first started my clothing website like 3 years ago with high hopes. Bought a bunch of inventory, worked hours a day for months on getting the site right, setting up all that good stuff. Long story short I gave up on the site awhile ago. I just keep it up because one product that I drop ship gets a few sales a month and basically pays the Shopify fee every month. I'm liquidating my physical inventory shortly. I've recently gotten some free time and want to revamp the website, I just don't know what to. The websites name is TrendUpClothing, but doing a clothing site of any kind is VERY saturated, unless its a very specific niche. The site has SEO and everything setup as a clothing site with organic traffic of 50-60 views per day.

What i'm asking is for some ideas of what I should revamp it to or even if I should put any more time into this. I was thinking of doing research and finding a profitable clothing niche. Or maybe change it to a site where I only post trending items aka whats new. Looking more towards a drop shipping site, as I don't want physical inventory. Looking forward to your responses!

The site btw is

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