Ads seem to be working, but site isn’t converting and needs help.

Hi folks, I'm a frequent lurker on this sub and have seen how helpful y'all are.

I have a single-product site with a product I designed myself and sourced in the USA. I launched a few weeks ago. I've been running Pinterest ads for a couple of weeks with about 800 visitors and a CTR of about 0.7% (this is good on Pinterest, in my experience) and Instagram ads for a couple of days now with about 60 visitors and a CTR of about 3% so far (I was thrilled with that after the Pinterest rate).

My ads send people to my home page, which acts as a landing page. About 20% of people click on my "Shop" links (Shop one-pack, Shop two-pack, Shop four-pack, or the Shop link in the top navigation.) After that, almost no one adds to cart, much less converts.

Is the product price the reason shoppers are reluctant? Or does it have to do with a lack of trust/social proof? Or could it be that I need to add more products and variations? Or work harder to capture email addresses so I can follow up? (That's something I would really like to do but I don't want to be gross and annoying about it. I'm considering Privy right now.) Or do I just not have enough data and need to run ads more aggressively to get more add-to-carts?

The site is I would really appreciate any feedback or insight you can offer.

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