Facebook Sharing for Discount Policy and Alternative Solutions

While testing out Woocommerce Share for Discounts for a client, I learned that facebook has been cracking down on this.

The relevant text

Recently, Facebook has updated the Terms of the platform and is now considering the issuing of a coupon code in exchange of a sharing as a breach of their Terms (read here for more details). Consequently, you might receive an email from Facebook regarding your Facebook app block. Moreover, as Facebook constantly applies changes to their API, the plugin might not work after one of these changes. As long as we can, we will keep supporting the plugin, but please, consider what we have just stated above as a possibility.

I haven't seen this discussed much. How are other shops handling it? What are some good alternative for incentivising customers to post to socials? Is there an affiliate system that is not much hassle for the average customer?

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