What’s with the USA/Europe obsession?

I’m just amused to see so many sites mentioning in a “values” or “ethics” tone that their stuff is made in the US or Europe. Makes me curious: is that primarily from buyer bias, or is there really a notion that products from other places are somehow inferior? Or is it simply an attempt to perpetrate that kind of perception? I come from a place where high quality stuff has been made for thousands of years, not cheap stuff at all, mostly handmade actually with fine craftsmanship, and I’m finding this trend amusing. Why should something be better because it’s made in one place versus another? I do get some places exploit their workers etc etc but there are lots of things not made that way, and you know China is just one out of some 200+ countries right?

Also aren’t you guys missing out on buyers in other parts of the world with this tone? This came up in my mind after I almost bought something on a store and then didn’t buy it, after reading some excessively jingoistic copy along similar lines.

Just curious if this is seller bias, or simply playing to buyer bias.

Or, do people really think that certain places are better than other places for making stuff?

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