Best e-commerce option for easy inventory management and lots of rotating inventory

Background: I am a web developer and have re-built an e-commerce front-end at a previous job, but am just now getting acquainted with a couple of e-commerce tools and am looking for the best fit for a customer I'm helping.

Want: I want something that makes it easy for my customer (who is not great with technology in general) to upload and update their products on the site, on a weekly/monthly basis. Lots of brands and different options. She has a small boutique clothing store.

Any advice on choosing the best tool (Shopify, Ewcid, WooCommerce, or anything else) would be much appreciated

More detail if needed: She got a ShopKeep POS system and it came with an existing integration with a white-labeled solution called Ewcid for setting up an easy to use e-commerce the front-end. And it was SUPER easy to setup. I barely had to do anything and the CMS is pretty easy to use. But the bulk upload options aren't ideal, so far. And customizing the store seems a bit difficult, docs are so-so, and there don't seem to be many users.

Shopify seems like the setup might be too much, but i guess i could just use any template, and then i have a wealth of apps and good docs available. Also unsure of how EASY shopify is to use from the CMS perspective.

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