Burned by Printful – Help Selecting New Fulfillment Center?

Hi all,

I'm looking for advice about moving away from Printful to another fulfillment center to sell merchandise. I produce my own podcast, Dark As Hell, and already have an audience that's eager to buy merch. I view merch for the show as a more passive stream of revenue than anything, and I'm not too concerned about constantly buying ad space on social media/marketing.

However — I was really excited about Printful, their options, and how easy it was to set up. I should've realized anything that easy and simple comes with a hook, and it did; to the tune of $300ish costs to ME. I had 10 orders come in on the first day of the store being opened, and I had to disable it because I was being so gouged by Printful.

My audience is still patiently waiting for merch to be made available again, but I'm pretty nervous about what platform to use moving ahead. I'm really, really disappointed with my experience on Printful, so I'm considering Spreadshirt and giving TeeSpring a look as well. I guess I'm hoping someone could point me in the direction of a fulfillment service that doesn't leave the seller out $300 from the start of sales (lol but not really lol because I'm unemployed by COVID and that sucked to see after I was so excited with my first 10 sales).

My dream criteria would be: 1. totally hands off for me, 2. no nasty surprises like what I experienced with Printful, and 3. a variety of items. Honestly, I just want to sell quality merchandise to my fans without being taken for such an awful ride like I was with Printful! If anyone has any insight, suggestions, etc., that would be great.


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