First sale is the sweetest (my lessons)


One of these posts seen here. Again.

The other day I was discussing about my dismally performing store. Then today, my first sale came in and it was multiple products. I'm nowhere close to being a pro, I have zero experience with ecommerce, I'm an introvert and not a natural salesman, and understand more building systems, but these are the lessons I have learnt.

  1. Ecommerce is not a side gig. You want performance, you have to work your ass off. Everyday. Hustle hard. Focus. Its a business, its a startup, treat it as such.

  2. Absolutely stand out. My niche is crowded, and guys are making bank, but I'm working on better customer support, and treating the customers much better than other guys who, to them, are just a number. Also, I am working on newer different products that are new in this market. That alone is a major winner.

  3. Advertise. In the beginning, it will suck. I've burnt money on ads, but the minute I dialled in on my target audience, boom, enquiries started flooding in. I still can't believe that it actually works.

  4. Price is irrelevant if value exists. Sure, the higher the price, the fewer the customers, but then, my value add in insane in the eyes of the customer. They were willing to pay. Plus the higher the price, the higher the ROI, the fewer the odds of returns, and the higher the value of follow on business.

  5. Work on your abandoned/dropped carts (or whatever they are called). This, my first sale, was from an abandoned cart. The customer made the enquiry two days ago. Then flaked. This morning, on my way to my main gig, I texted the customer and asked if she was willing to continue or if we should close the cart. She said she was busy, she would get back to me. Just when I had lost hope, the beep came in.

  6. Have a phone number. Nobody wants to buy from a random site with just an email and chat. We spoke on the phone with the customer. Gave me a chance to demonstrate social value by being authentic. Also, make the customer happy. Have them have a laugh. They associate your hustle with happiness and if you demonstrate value, you are in.

  7. Majority of your enquiries are nonsense. Learnt to spot your authentic customers and your fake ones. I spent over a week working details out with BS customers. Did not help my business. So I cut templates for responses that are comprehensive, and take me less than 5 secs to paste. Serious ones reach out if they are serious.

  8. Keep it simple a.f. Don't complicate the ad, don't complicate the story, don't complicate your social, don't complicate your website. Don't complicate anything. At all. Simplify everything. Ads, website, communication, everything.

  9. Woo/Shopify/Magento, or whatever, it does not matter. Just make sure it works, its fast, and it looks good. And its different from everyone else. Buy your templates. Pay actual money for them. Don't just jump on some free stuff. Customers have seen them all. You can be just another website, or you can be that new website.

  10. Upsell. Most customers within my area expect a courier guy to deliver a box with a product. For those customers in my area who buy plenty and are high valued customers, I always planned to do delivery myself. The cost of that is already factored in. The reason? I will take a small travel case, deliver the product to my customer myself and make sure they know I have alternative products. So while they are raving about how cool the new product is to their work colleagues (its lady products), the others will come check and see and I have a quick popup store in their office. Make sure you deliver around lunch time. You never know where your next sale is coming from, but right there, I'm also advertising to my happy customer that they can get more stuff there and then, as well as getting her friends in on the deal. Give them a quick 5% discount (also factored in cause there is zero delivery cost), and I am almost certain, you will make another impulse sale there and then.

I'm excited a.f. so I'm going to stop here and go bounce around the walls in my house now and scream inside my fridge.

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