I got blacklisted from Shopify and Stripe. What now?

So long story short, I have been running as an affiliate for quite some time, and lately I started playing around with Shopify. I made some decent results, generated over 10k in revenue in a week.

The thing is, I was using shopify payment across all my stores, and I got disabled (With a 140 days hold) I said ok I see, I've setup a stripe account and kept running my ads. few days later, my stores started to vanish. 2 days later, they deleted ALL my stores (6 of them).

I tried to talk to them, contacted them, no help at all and as stripe is linked to shopify, they started asking me verify my website etc, but they are all DELETED 😫 So basically now they took my money, my stores, my clients, data etc…

I need to know what are the alternatives to shopify AND stripe. I tried most of them (, braintree etc) but it's hard to get approved as a dropshipper… I need to know if there's a way to get a similar gateway like Stripe (instant approval and quick).

What would you guys do in my situation? I'm sick and tired of these setbacks. I never broke their rules (I sell bracelets, and accessories for houses), they are refusing to tell me the reason why I got "blacklisted".

As a Canadian citizen it's even harder to get banks to approve me for DS. Please guys, if you have any insights, let me know…

Thank you!

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