I have removed the post “How good product research made me $70,000 profit”

OP made this post both here and r/Shopify. Now, I admit that anytime a post with a high dollar amount goes up, I look for red flags (why would you need to flex with a large $$$ when your point is the same without it?).

OP was called out on the other sub for a service that was supposedly used from the very start of OPs journey in 2019 – a service that wasn't even registered as a domain until 19 days ago, doesn't seem to have a fully completed website, and isn't even indexed by Google as a legit business yet. OP continually said that this was the 'sleeper' service, was the best of the ones he (she?) used (quote "best product research tool I've paid for"), and that it directly provided him with the very winning product in question.

Someone dug a bit and confronted OP with this. OP edited their post to say that, essentially, they cannot comment on that part of their story.

Since this edit, OP has gone silent (after answering others quite regularly). The only posts on their 8-month old account were these same exact 2 posts.

UPDATE – just as I am typing this, their post has now been removed in r/Shopify as well.

When someone claims an actual number (in this case a fairly high number that almost all of us here would love to have) please always question why they want to tell everyone exactly how they did it.

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