If I have a brand based off of youtube or just in general, will my conversion rates take a massive hit if I don’t show my real face on my website?

I'd do a/b testing, but once it's out there, it'd be too late.

Is there any way to mitigate this or deal with this issue with trust? How can I create that sense of trust and loyalty and a persona to follow, without having to show my real face? Is this possible? Could I create an animated face with a genuine smile in my about section and across all my products and use that to simulate a "human" persona and still get the same feeling across?

If I lose 10% in total sales, I'm cool with that, in exchange for staying as anonymous as possible because I like having a private life. So long as it's not a loss of 1.5x or more in sales, then I can stomach the choice. There's other ways to increase conversion rates.

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