Strategies for new store with larger items and no dropshippers

Hi, I'm looking into starting an ecommerce site for products that are around 12x16x12 and ~20lbs each. The products come in multiple sizes and fully fleshed out, there would probably be about 200-300 variants. I believe we'd need at least 25-50 of the most popular to start with at a minimum to be truly useful. (A similar item would be cardboard boxes, big, customers need several sizes, can't be a cardboard box store that sells only one size of cardboard box.)

I haven't been able to find any suppliers willing to dropship, although I have found 2 that will allow me to mix pallets, smaller quantities of 2-3 different variants per pallet, (although with the size of the items, that's basically only 10 to maybe 15 items of each variant per mixed pallet.)

I do have a budget to buy <50 pallets of initial inventory, but I'm trying to strategize a way to start without having to rent a space to warehouse all that for a brand new site. Also, risking less cash up front would be ideal.

Does anyone have any advice for starting out with lots of large items?

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