What’s the catch with ecom

Just to clarify, I am not saying that I think dropshipping is a scam or that I’m even skeptical at all about dropshipping. I know people make money off of it. But just like any other skill, there is something that prevents everyone from doing it and getting rich as shit. Day trading, for example, requires capital and years of learning. I don’t believe that even in a year you can just start making 10k a month profit consistently. People get rich because they have something others don’t. So what is it with dropshipping? Excellent marketing skills? Extremely hard work? Psychological warfare? These could all be blocks from everybody getting 10k a month from a Shopify store. Which one is it?

EDIT: Here’s an example. If you told me that you were working on ecom stores for 4 years and after thousands of hours of failure and research about marketing and what it takes to succeed with ecom you were able to make a store that profits 3000 a month I could see that as reasonable. And you worked for the 3000 a month you’re now making. If you told me you failed with a few ecom stores and after 3 months you found a winning product you made 10k a month I know there would be an outlying factor in your success. If not then anyone can make 10k a month which isn’t the case.

And even if you say the outlying factor is hard work or not giving up, I’d argue atleast 30% of people are smart enough to realize you will fail and you need to work hard.

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