How Do I Forecast A New Product?

Hi! So Im trying to gauge how many units to buy for a new product I want to launch on Amazon.

When I use tools like JungleScout, the amount of unit number sales per 30 days varies.


Competitor 1 – 100,000 units

Competitor – 30,000 units

Competitor – 25,000 units

Competitor – 10,000 units

I can afford to buy 100k units and invest in the marketing to compete but that doesnt mean I should.

I just have this huge fear I’ll run out of stock and underestimate sales velocity.

Part of me thinks I should just reference the units sold by competitor 1 of the top competitor and the other part of me thinks I should just average the top 10 products and go with that number.

Or should I just order 6 months worth of inventory based on the top competitor in the category?

What do you recommend?

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