How does customs work for UK to US?

I have looked everywhere and im hoping maybe you all here can help me understand if I will end up paying a customs fee or anything if I buy something off etsy that is coming from the UK. I've never had to have an item come through customs before so I'm not sure how it all works. Or how I can at least figure out how much I might be in for. So I'm trying to purchase about $100 USD worth of laser cut acrylic charms to put on bracelets and necklaces. Thats all I'm buying. Im not even sure what these would be classified under on the list of things that can come through customs. Any help is appreciated. Im just trying to decide if its worth buying these charms from this shop in the UK or if im gonna be charged like crazy once it gets here. Also the seller told me my items would be shipped by Royal Mail International if that helps anything. Thanks!

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