I want to open a store selling digital products, ie: mockups and design files. Which platform do you recommend using? There’s so many out there, I’m not sure where to start

Hey everyone, I'm a Creative Director with experience designing and running photoshoots for some of the most popular brands out on market right now. I'm a huge fan and using of photoshop brand and product mockups but I find that even premium ones can be lack luster. I want to create a whole line of my own Photoshop files that are either 3D rendered or potentially professionally shot and converted into Photoshop Smart Mockups (if any of this is making sense 🙂

I read that Shopify can deliver digital products but I also see other shops using Gumroad or even Creative Market. Do you all have any recommendations or experience selling digital products and would you recommend one over the other? I'm a newbie.

Thank you!

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