Launching a private label dietary supplement brand

Hello fellow entrepreneurs!

Is there anyone who knows about creating a private label supplement/dietary brand? I am looking for information about the topic, especially regarding the markups and profit opportunities in this market.

I am running a couple of local nordic affiliate marketing sites where I promote supplements and dietary products. I am making decent money out of it, but I am planning to move towards a real business instead of generating business for other companies.

I have done some research on private manufacturing and private labeling, but I haven't got responses yet. That's why I am asking:

– What kind of profit margin I could get from getting my own supplements produced by a 3rd party manufacturer? How much does it cost (rough estimates are enough) to produce one package of vitamin capsules?

– What are the biggest expenses in this industry?

I already have huge amounts of unique and highly targeted traffic (over 100k a month) visiting my website each month organically, so my marketing costs will be extremely low. I basically dominate the local SEO market in my country. Since I already generate affiliate revenue (~10% of the sales), I am 110% sure that I WILL generate sales from day one when I launch my eCommerce site.

All advices are more than appreciated!

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