Shipstation Help – Order was accidently marked as Shipped. Need to undo it so I can create a label. Possible?

So I recently started using Shipstation. Everything works great, but their support for lower tiers is massively slow, which kinda makes me look elsewhere with better support. Luckily, the situation I'm in is not as time sensitive, but if it were, I'd be shit-out-of-luck.

As the title states, about 20 of my orders were accidently marked as Completed on my Woocommerce. This was a plugin that allowed pre-orders, and when the pre-order date arrived, I didn't know the plugin was going to mark all pre-orders as COMPLETED. Because of this, these "COMPLETED" orders were synced to Shipstation, and because it was "Completed", it marked it as shipped. Normally, it goes to Awaiting Shipment status, which allows me to create all the shipping labels for them.

Is there any way to revert from Shipped status to Awaiting Shipment on Shipstation?

I can't figure out how to ship all my 20 orders that got marked as Shipped since I do not have the option to print out labels for them.

Thanks in advance!

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