Ecommerce product idea – how do I get started?

The concept: mixing fun and artistic expression through bold and interesting duvet cover designs.

The target buyer: Young, alternative, possibly college student age, values artistic expression through their sense of fashion, the kind of people that shop at Urban Outfitters

The product: wake up in style under a reversible 100% cotton duvet cover with interesting geometric designs, including retro themes, complimentary color schemes, distinct front/back cover designs for keeping it fresh. So many duvet cover designs I see out there currently are either old fashioned, or 'blah' / uninspiring…

Value and differentiation: unique artistic prints, 100% cotton for ultimate comfort, reversible covers

I have zero background in ecommerce but I've been toying with this idea over for weeks. Currently in a full time job but would like to get this started on the side, if only to see if it has legs…

  1. How do I find out if this idea has value? (or I'm just crazy)
  2. How does one bootstrap the startup process? I have some money to fund, but would rather keep costs low initially in case the market proves my idea to be worthless…
  3. Any tips on finding a mentor in this space? Or other resources for beginner guidance
  4. Where does one find a trustworthy manufacturer? Is alibaba truly the best option here? It seems most have an MOQ of 1000 for something like this…
  5. Is there such thing as an online 'shark tank' / 'dragons den' for pitching business concepts and getting critique from established ecommerce gurus? If not – does someone wanna help me create THAT as a new business????

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