Generate pre-paid shipping label for customer?

I am new to ecommerce(This place and the idea in general) and need some pointers on if what I want is doable.

A couple services I sell include having a customer ship their personal item to me for servicing and then I ship it back once complete.

To save the customer time and effort, I want to set something up through my WordPress / woocommerce site that allows them to purchase the service and then have an automated pre-paid shipping label emailed to them.

They would then be able to print off that label and attach it to their own box to ship my way.

I'm not sure what to look for regarding that type of plug in. I've got business accounts with both USPS and UPS I could use, though prefer USPS.

Package size and weight are also a factor I'm unsure of. Obviously that will be a factor in cost, so how could that be handled in a way that is more of a 'catch all' for multiple sizes and weights that the customer may send in?

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