Would you help out this ol’ woodworker (site review)

Hi everyone, I am a new full-time wood worker (promoted from part-time due to being canned from my 9-5…thanks COVID). I started selling custom floating shelves locally in Charlotte last year, then graduated to selling on Etsy at the beginning of this year, and have done really well, and now made the jump to my own site. I opened it up a few months ago, and after spending about $700 in FB ads that yielded me nearly 3,500 visits, I am still waiting on my first sale. I know my targeting could use some honing in on, but I'd think that of those 3,500, I'd at least have a SINGLE sale so I must have had some glaring conversion issues on my site. So, long story short, I've just spent nearly a week tweaking my site and adding content hoping to increase conversions. Before I start opening my bank account back up to Mr. Zuckerburg and his ads, I'd love for you all to take a look and give me your thoughts. I make some great shelves, not so much e-commerce sites. Thanks!

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