I need client outreach advise

Hey everyone, this is my short story:

I have studied marketing and advertising at university for 4 years. In my second year, I met several people who are engaged in traffic arbitrage and affiliate marketing. They invited me to their team.

The work consisted in setting up ad on Facebook and Instagram for affiliate networks offers. Basically, these were shitty product offers and all sorts of crap that I would never buy in my life

But to my surprise it gave results. My average ROI was 150-180%.

However it began to strain me more and more that I had to spend most of my time on farming and warming up new Facebook business manager accounts and cloaking methods, not customization and optimization of advertising and testing new hypothesis. The team also decided to switch to gambling offers that annoy me especially because it is a scam.

I got tired of this and decided to leave the team and start working as Expert in Social Media Ad Setup & Management for Ecommerce because I always want to start something of my own.

To start out, I want to do a few case studies for few clients and work with them for Free for 1-2 weeks to get experience.

So, I want to know how and where it is better to look for clients for this? And how to better offer my service?

Or if you are interested feel free to DM me

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