Looking to connect with costume jewelery and vitamin supplement buyers, sellers, suppliers and dropshippers.

I currently make money in e-commerce selling pre-branded supplements. I use a variety of platforms to do this. I sell mostly to direct consumers, but I'd say about 10 – 20% of my sales are to resellers.

I am wanting to expand into the costume jewelery market. Particularly stacking or delicately styled rings and halo stud earrings. Looking at silver as well as gold/rosegold dipped metals and black colored metals.

Looking for people who are currently involved with these markets. I have a lot of knowledge to share regarding supplements and would love to pass it on. I would also like to hear about people's experiences with costume jewelery.

I'm not looking to share all my secrets, nor steal anyone else's. Just looking to connect with people who are in these industries or thinking about expanding into them.

My chats are open, or leave a comment here if anything about this post is relevant to you.

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