Product Idea Validated- One MAJOR roadblock left. Please help.

Hey guys, I started an e-commerce business and spent some time building up a shop that I have optimized for mobile. My product is unique and very cool. The product was initially a gift I made for my girlfriend and she loved it, so much so that I decided to make a store out of it and sell them online.

I launched locally to test the waters and to get a gage of my community's interest in my product. The local launch went really well – I made close to $600CAD in 1 week of promoting through my personal IG account only. It was stressful and overwhelming, but I loved it.

The only issue is that my product is Copywrite infringing… I've seen online stores selling products similar to mine, but not exactly the same, however, they're also infringing on Copywrite. They (my competitors) are selling these products through their own stores, running Facebook ads even though there is a clear Copywrite issue on the ads themselves and Facebook does not seem to care.

I want to start running ads for my product but would really like to get the whole Copywrite situation settled first as I'd rather not deal with the legal repercussions down the road…

How do I go about getting a licensing deal to start selling my product LEGALLY? My situation is kind of complicated because I want to get the rights to sell music album cover art as that's part of my product. Would I need to contact each music artist to get their approvals? Do I contact Apple Music or Spotify to get a deal through them? Is there a music licensing agency I can contact to get the necessary approvals?

This whole thing is stressing me out and I don't even know where to begin.. I've tried to look for resources online but to no avail… I feel lost and as though I've hit a roadblock. Can my fellow reddit entrepreneurs help me out?


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