Best eCommerce Platform For Beginners..?

Hey everyone. I'm looking to finally launch a store. I've got a bunch of designs made up for a good amount of different products. Question is, picking what software I'm going to be using to make it all work. In the beginning, I was going to stick with WooCommerce. However, Shopify seems compelling and I'm sure there are solid reasons why SO MANY people are using it.

What am I looking to do? Well, I'm starting with print on demand. There are a number of products I'm planning on selling, but right now I just want to get the ball rolling and have everything up and running.

Things I'm looking for / want to do, etc:

  1. Be able to integrate with other platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc (you know, maximize the number of eyeballs on my designs)
  2. My primary print on demand service will likely be Printful to start. But there are products that are much better options on Printify for example. Can products from either POD service be integrated with relatively few issues? Eg, they'll both auto charge me and send the product out where it needs to go without too much dinking around between me and them?
  3. I hope able to handle taxes and whatever else as easily as possible (I know that's a pipe dream). Ngl though, the whole "Nexus" thing in 50 states as well as having to figure all that out while also selling on other platforms sounds like a pain.. That'll probably be the biggest headache as I see it right now.

My goal is ideally to spend the bulk of my time handling other things like designing products, SEO, social media, and other misc tasks, rather than having to babysit every single transaction as I would if I were shipping out products myself. It seems all of this is pretty much possible, but what in your opinion is the best way to go about getting it all going properly?

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