Data on what online shoppers think about text marketing

I've heard lots of folks share their assumptions about how ecommerce consumers think about SMS.

But I wanted to actually see what the data said.

So I surveyed 200+ folks.

Here's a quick summary of what I learned:

  • Three-quarters of consumers (75%) have signed up for SMS in an online store in the last year.

  • The majority of on-site sign ups occur during checkout (60%), followed by a static homepage signup (23%), and then pop up windows (17%).

  • The amount of folks signing up is almost even with a slight edge going to first-time customers. (54% first time vs 46% returning customers)

  • The older the respondent, the more the relevance of the message mattered to them. On a 1-100 scale, each group rated its importance slightly higher. (18-29: 39); (30-44: 49); (45-60: 50); (60+: 53)

  • The majority of consumers indicated that they receive 1-5 texts messages per month from online stores. (38%: 1-2); (39%:3-5); (10%:6-9); (13%: 10+)

  • Over half of consumers wanted product purchase and shipping confirmations while slightly less than half wanted to see store wide and personalized offers. Finally, 31% expressed that they liked receiving back in stock notifications.

There's some more analysis and graphics in the full report, but I thought I'd share this here to see if there was interest in me sharing more.

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