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Hi all,

I have just launched a site selling framed art prints. The site is basically a tester at this stage, but functional. It has limited content (which I have big plans for), limited product options, generic product descriptions and some cart/funnel issues (purchase process steps can be clearer).

The biggest issue is currently shipping costs are very high ($50/flat rate). I can fix this also with a different supplier but will take time to set up on the site. I just wanted to test the response first.

So far I have run $20 of Facebook ads – very generic. Have had about 130 clicks through to the site according to Facebook.

I have had 2 abondond carts for a total revenue of around $400 (at 40% margin to me). I can also improve margin with other suppliers but takes time to integrate.

My question is how common are abandon carts? I'm trying to assess if I should invest more time and money into the site and if it has potential. I think the shipping and the funnel issues are contributing, but just not sure.

Any thoughts?

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