AMA Announcement – Shipping carriers are now capping order volume. CEO, Justin Singletary will be taking any/all questions about this unprecedented move, B2C shipping post COVID19, ecommerce logistics, shipping carriers and more at 1PM EST (More info inside)

Hi r/ecommerce! First, I'd like to thank the mods who were kind enough to approve this AMA, which will be hosted by Justin Singletary of FDC tomorrow (9/24) at 1PM EST.

This is a new account I made for Fulfillment, but I've been posting in this and other subreddits over the years about my own work in ecommerce operations. When I first learned about the major carriers capping shipments, I thought about how that would seriously screw things up for my last ecommerce company… especially at this time of year. I have since seen a lot of posts in here and other subreddits asking about what's going on.

If you're doing any sort of volume or just have general questions about logistics, I highly recommend you stop by tomorrow and get the skinny on things before you're blindsided in the coming months.

Tomorrow's AMA will be an opportunity for any any/all sellers to ask about the new policies being instated at Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, Walmart, and all the popular shipping carriers (USPS, Fedex, UPS, DHL, ect) – we work with them all and can provide some unique insights that are hard to find online.

To stay within the rules, the AMA will not be promotional in nature – I simply believe that more people need to know about what's going on. I also think Justin is a great resource for anything relating to ecommerce logistics and wish I had met up with him before building out my own warehouse – so I hope reddit gets some value out of this!

See you tomorrow and thanks again. -James

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