Ecommerce noob here. How are package stickers generated?

I am building my own online shop to sell products that are 100% made by me (no dropshipping). As I see I need to generate a sticker with a tracking number, my data and address, receiver data and address and a barcode.

Also currently I am using a custom self-built ecommerce solution (written in node.js) and I am from Spain (just in case there are different requirements for the stickers / delivery service providers).

I have a few questions about those stickers:

  1. Are there free APIs (preferred)/templates for generating those stickers?
  2. Do they require any special sheets, ink or printer?
  3. Do I put a random tracking number or do I need to ask the delivery company for a "free" (as in not taken) number?
  4. How are the barcodes generated?

I have been researching all over the Internet and on my own country post service (they don't offer an API so you have to create delivery orders manually on their website one by one so it is a bummer) but I found nothing about the stickers.

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