Help: Instagram/Facebook keeps rejecting my eligible, non-medical face mask products.

TLDR: Do you know what specific content and keywords should or should not be included in face mask product descriptions, titles, and metadata to avoid this?

Hey everyone, I own a digitally-native, DTC fashion brand and like most, started designing and selling face masks in March of this year in response to COVID. For months now, I've been struggling to get IG/FB to accept these products as "non-medical" in an effort to adhere to their guidelines on these types of items. To be clear: I'm aware of the (ever-changing) ban that Facebook and other platforms placed back in March and I'm not trying to evade those guidelines – my mask products should be 100% acceptable according to their rules, which makes it all the more frustrating that they keep rejecting them.

Even more frustrating is that even though each product is virtually identical apart from the product images used (I literally clone the products and just change the images when new designs are launched), Facebook has accepted some and rejected others with no explanation as to why some qualify and others do not.

I'm not trying to run paid ads for these items, either. I'm simply trying to tag them in organic posts so that my followers can tap to shop.

Things I've tried:

  • I've reported to FB and ask for re-reviews
  • I document other brands that very explicitly tag/post/advertise their face masks without issues and use these as examples
  • I've adjusted my products / product description numerous times to omit keywords that might trigger the rejection
  • I've deleted and re-published products to "reset" the crawl/rejection
  • I've monitored FB's shop catalog dashboard in the Business Manager to try to get an explanation to no avail

Has anyone figured this out? Appreciate any insight others merchants may have! Thank you.

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