How to distinguish brands for products sold specifically to men? The top competitors for this niche brand via “Tough Men” “Confidence” “Humor” etc.

Hey all, Any help would be appreciated. I believe this could also help others since there are countless niches that cater specifically towards men.

I am in a field where I am able to sell a line of products to men. The top competitor(s) brand their websites / SM's very men centric, just kind of cliche stuff I have pointed out in the title. Just think about all of the beard product websites, you can spot their brand appeal in seconds.

Another example, their video content is just a burly dude with a long ass beard that is pretty funny. Don't get me wrong, it works and is funny, but should I distinguish my brand? Or just assimilate?

I am very capable of serving this market as our family has been in this business for 40+ years. (Not online however, I would be the first in the family to venture to Ecommerce for this specific niche, I have experience with other brands/products online)

I am having writers bloc when it comes to distinguishing myself from the other brands. I think they are doing great (and their analytics via spyfu/other analytic sites show that as well) but I just don't want to copy them flat out.

A few ideas I have had include a more sophisticated / serious approach. More gentlemen like, less humor, etc. Think casual apparel (Competitors) vs professional apparel(My startup)

Disclaimer: this is not an apparel niche. However, I am worried about my initial approach because my competitors seem to really be going after the millennial group and its paying off. (the humor is extremely millennial esque, think "Morning Brew" the newsletter or "Robinhood snacks") I am not sure a more sophisticated approach really connects with millennials? The target market is majority millennial, but of course we'll see customers in our Brick/mortar store that are 50-60 or so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, it'd be awesome to get a dialogue going here.

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