Shopify Data Breach, 200 Stores Accessed

Hadn't seen a post about this. Shopify just revealed they were the victim of a data breach. Before anyone freaks out, fortunately I suppose this wasn't a hacker and some huge breach, "only" 200 stores were accessed and only transaction data and basic customer info, at this point supposedly no credit card numbers, companies EIN numbes, etc, according to Shopify.

Apparently 2 "rogue employees" I assume used their credentials to get transaction data and customer info on 200 stores.

Speculating here but assuming they either sold themselves and wanted competitor info, or were paid off by those stores competitors. This is a fairly common thing on Amazon, numerous Amazon reps have been caught selling insider data and seller information.

That's about all the info that's come out about it at this point, feel free to post details if you know more.

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