10 Obvious Signs It’s Time to Consider a CPQ Solution

As a leading vendor of configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions, we at Oracle see what triggers companies to begin investigating and evaluating new solutions. These signs are consistent across industries and company sizes. At some point, organizations pause and re-think how to address current challenges and pave the way for the future.

If you’re on the fence about adopting a CPQ solution, here are 10 obvious signs you’re ready to commit:

  1. Profit margins are eroding.
  2. Internal processes are getting more complex over time.
  3. Error rates on quotes are increasing.
  4. Pricing and discounting practices are inconsistent.
  5. It takes too long to create a quote and present a solution.
  6. Getting a new sales rep up to speed and productive is difficult.
  7. Sales reps are spending less time face-to-face with customers.
  8. Sales productivity is declining.
  9. Introducing new products or promotions is difficult and complex.
  10. Adding new sales channels with defined prices and product availability is challenging.

You don’t need complex data analysis to recognize these signs. You see the challenge, but where do you start?

If you’re ready to take the next step, Oracle has a proven method that delivers a clear path forward. We call it Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis (BOA). The purpose of this comprehensive, day-and-a-half workshop is to:

  • Map your current processes and supporting systems.
  • Provide a holistic understanding of the business process flow.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and streamlining.
  • Engage all organizational functions associated with sales processes.

We’ve led hundreds of these workshops to help organizations overcome transformation challenges. You’ll emerge with a clear understanding of what’s contributing to your challenges and a sensible path forward, supported with a solid business case based on industry standards, best practices, and existing customer references. The next move is up to you.

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