Moving to Shopify crashed my conversion rate.. why?

Hi All,

I have a digital products store and since migrating (2 months since migration) from Wix to Shopify my conversion rate has crashed.

Traffic / unique visitors remain roughly the same on avg so I'm at a loss. Especially since Wix page loading and audio demo preview was sluggish and I was pretty confident page speed was turning visitors away when I was on wix.

Shopify nav is noticeably snappier in viewing and navigating. I tried hard to replicate the site layout and navigation in Shopify but some cosmetic differences remain just because of theme styles.

Shopify even has additional payment options (Apple Pay etc) that I never had with Wix so should be easier than ever for customers to check out .. but..

  • Wix conversion was 2.2% – Almost bang on what it should be.
  • Shopify is 0.8%

DM me for Old Vs New links if you want to view side by side.

What's your thoughts?

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