does paypal really offer seller protection?

I have a $2k order I suspect is a scam. My items are expensive so the dollar amount does not scare me but the way the customer has approached the sale has. I offer two methods of payment on my website, stripe and paypal checkout. The customer emailed me asking to send him a paypal invoice directly due to issue with website (that I think is made up) as I know there are no current website issues; I stood my ground and told him to pay via stripe or checkout which he finally did. Great.

The only problem now is that the shipping address is showing as "We were unable to automatically verify the address — House number is invalid." and giving me a giant warning about shipping the item. So my question is, if this is a purchase through paypal, am I protected if the sale originated from my website AND would they even cover my full loss if in fact this person is having me ship to a scam address (possibly with even a stolen/illegitimate credit card). Does anybody have any experience with this? please keep the "scam run" comments to a minimum I am really curious how to handle events like these in the future because going forward I will NOT catch all spam instances and what to know what kind if protection I have.


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