No sales outside friends: Need some feedback


I've launched a new website a weekish ago with my girlfriend, and it's been very well received by our close family and friends. We've made a dozen of sales, but only from our friends. It feels really nice being supported by them, but we've yet to get our first sale from someone we don't know.

I understand that it's only been a week, but here's what I've done in terms of paid campaigns:

– Run different ads on social media (facebook/instagram) for a week. Overall, we got 50ish visits but 0 sale. Budget 50$.

– Run a google ads campaign for 3 days. Overall, 20ish visits but 0 sale. Budget 50$.

In terms of SEO/organic search, there's a few things I need to work on, but I really struggle with creating backlinks. I've contacting some blogs/websites who could be interested/already had articles talking about competitors but without success.

What do you think can be improved? Here's the website:

I'b be more than happy to share more information about the website or the campaigns data.

Thank you!

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