Selling from India to USA. Shopping costs!

Hello fellow hustlers,

I am a first time micro entrepreneur from India, trying to sell a product to USA. So basically I launched on Product Hunt and got 37 preorders for it – I sold it as a subscription for $20 per month (a classic rookie mistake) My product is made out of cardboard, weighs 0.25 lbs. I checked the shipping costs, and basically they're more than what I am selling the product for. Shipping by all major reliable players is on an average more than $35 per package of the that size and weight. So $35 shipping cost for a service of $20 would be killing it. This made me think of cancelling all my orders, returning the money to my customers and dropping this idea.

Is there a workaround it? I'd like to consider all my options before I return all the money.

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