DPD Shipping from China no updates did i got scammed? Alibaba Sellers


im now in contact with Alibaba sellers since some time now and after a while i payed 100% of the production costs for a total 80 pcs of clothin + extra 600 Dollars Shipping to Germany. The 80pcs of clothing are ~80kg weight. They send me 4 DPD Tracking Numbers and every package has around ~17kg thats what DPD is twlling me in the tracking information.

Now my Question: The Alibaba sellers gave DPD the information for all packages on 09/18/2020 today is 09/26/2020 so about a week and the last update dpd is showing me in the tracking is:

„DPD data centre, Order information has been transmitted to DPD.“

That means DPD has shipping and package information bit they didn’t received the package yet to ship it out?

My Alibaba seller on the other hand is telling me this:

„i just check with DPD , and they told me your goods are in process. because you choose the shippment term is door to door with custom paid by the forwarder. and the shipping time is about 14days. this is different from normal air way, so we have to wait for the update“ „yes, they told me the packages are in their warehouse, and waitting for arrange to ship out”

So how long do i need to wait anymore dpd telling me they have no package and my alibaba seller is telling me they have it? What should i do i need help please! Im thankfull for every answer if someone needs more information please ask me! Best Regards

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