Adding Color Variations to Redbubble?

Hey gang, I'm relatively new to ecommerce and have a bunch of designs ready to launch in my own store / site. However, I figured a half-decent place to try to get the ball rolling was on Redbubble. Just one more place to get eyeballs on my designs, you know what I mean?

Some designs of course, can't go on all colors of shirts. For example, a black design with transparent background needs to be put on lighter color shirts: White, lighter grays, etc etc. Whereas a white design obviously needs to be going on darker colors of shirts / other products. The issue is, the only way I've found to do this so far, is to post each design variant independently. The light and dark versions, and just adapt them to each product, their default color, change background color and so on.

Does there happen to be any way on Redbubble, to integrate them together? For example, you go to a design on the light background, and next to it on the product page, is the black shirted version w/ the light version of the design? Or do you just need to post them completely separate? I hope I'm making some amount of sense lmao. Thank you!

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