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First post on this subreddit ! Hello to All ! I love the energy and the help provided in this subreddit.

I have been selling on e-commerce for the past year. I still have trouble trying first find the right audience when I launch a new product. My current product is pretty seasonal, hence covid-19 safety. Me and my family personally use this product.

It is a product more suited for people who prioritize their safety and cleanliness. Those people that everyone has in their lives, who always have to wash their hands, the people who have hard time touching things in public places.

I have been trying to target these audiences on facebook advertising with no luck. The product slowly sells itself on Etsy however I wanna speed it up through placing advertising to the correct people.

I would appreciate any help from Veteran Advertisers to point me in the right direction on how to approach this audience. What type of pages, interests, demographics should I split test and target?

IMPORTANT: Before anyone questions my integrity, the price is the lowest in the market. My intentions are not to price gouge or to profit on peoples fears.

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