Product Landing Page(CT) on Fu@king Shopify ?

I am selling a single product on my store. I want to Optimize my Conversions by focusing my customers on a single CTA – to buy. I want a long-scroller single sales page so I can walk my customers through the steps(Hook, Problem, Solution, Benefits, CTA's, Authority/Credibility and so on…) to persuade them my product is the right choice without distractions such as Navigation Options and other Buttons.

I know there are Page builders like Gempages and Zipify and Shougun, but they want a lot of money and their services are deeply flawed. I don't know how to code.

I've looked into Turbo theme by OutOfTheSandbox which is 350$. It's beautiful but it's not really an Optimized Landing Page even if I play around with the functions.

ClickFunnels and Thrive kinda look like a Scam to people today. I'm worried about using those I don't want to waste time and money. It is crucial that customers trust me or else this product won't fly in this market.

Is this really the situation in 2020 with Shopify ? No Landing Pages ? What should I do ? Should I try to code my way into an effective landing page using Turbo Theme css ? Or will I have trouble doing that because I don't know anything about coding ? How much do people take to create a simple landing page(on a shopify store)?

I want my landing page to look something like this :

OR this:


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